Themes and Wallpapers- Colourful Ways to Make your Handset Stand Out

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In today’s world, people daily buy thousands of mobile phones and many of them do not go through the mobile manuals so very often people do not know the potential of a new phone. As, Mostly people think that using a phone is to make calls, send messages, shoot pictures with the help of an in-built camera, playing games and browsing online.

Many people are not aware that these upcoming mobile phones also enable the users to install extra software such as games and applications along with the themes and wall papers. Mobile phone theme is a special file which includes a set of pictures, icons and sometimes it even includes ring tones. Themes are basically used to decorate and personalize your phone. It also enables you to change font’s size and its colours to make the texts and labels more readable and convenient.

Themes for Nokia phones include files with .sis and .nth extension. The .sis files are basically used for phones which are based on S60 platform which are incorporated in many phones such as Nokia 6600, 6630, 3250, N76 and many more. Whereas, the .nth files are used for phones which are used for phones which are based on S40 platform which includes handsets like Nokia 6230i, 6300, 6125 and many other as well.

Today, there are lot many websites which enables you to buy quite different themes. There are also some websites which enables the users to download quality themes for their mobiles absolutely free. Some of these websites includes; this website allows their users to download different themes and wallpapers free of cost, you just have to select your phone and the desired category and download your favourite themes and wallpapers without any registration. After selecting your desired theme or wallpaper you just need to transfer your selected theme file to your phone. This transfer of themes and wall papers can be done with the help of a Blue tooth or infrared port or you just directly copy the file on to your phone’s memory card with the help of an USB card reader.

There are many websites from which you can download Free Wallpapers and colour backgrounds for mobile phones. These colour wallpapers are similar to the ones which are on your PC where, you display pictures or photos on the background of your screen. There are many mobile phones which enable you to download wallpapers and then display them on the background of your mobile screen in either colour or black and white monochrome. You can download themes and Mobile wallpapers of Music, TV shows, Animals, sports, cartoons such as Garfield the cat, celebrities, Movies and many more. The colour formats for these cellular phones are 96×65, 101×80, 128×128, 128×160 and 174×132.

While transferring a theme file to your phone, you can even install it as software but that is only possible if you are using S60 phone. And if you don’t have an S60 phone then you can simply select your favorite theme or wallpaper from the gallery and then apply it on S40. There are many websites offering free down loadable Mobile themes, wallpapers, ring tones, screen saver, videos and even games, which enable you to choose your own favorites and give your phone your own personal touch.

A phone theme or wallpaper gives that general look and feel of a mobile phone’s user interface. These can include colour schemes for menus, background images and even highlights. Basically a theme package contains graphics for one or many changeable components of a mobile phone’s UI. Changing a theme or a wallpaper of a mobile phone only affects the looks and feel of the user’s interface and not the entire phone’s functions or features.


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